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The Doyle Foundation was established in honour of Dr. John J. Doyle’s life and work. See more About John J Doyle. Following its incorporation as a private limited company under Scots law and the award of charitable status (SC 208242), the Foundation was launched at the University of Glasgow Veterinary School, on June 30, 2000. Its purpose is to advocate and provide support for the role of science in international development.

In keeping with Dr. Doyle’s wide interests and beliefs that science should be directed at solving clearly defined problems, The Doyle Foundation's aim is to mobilise new and creative thinking towards meeting the goal of the better use of science and technology for the benefit of people in developing countries. The Foundation supports education, research, and public awareness activities to contribute to this goal.

Specifically, The Doyle Foundation provides a forum for analysis and advocacy of the role of science in development with special regard to livestock research and to the applications of modern biotechnology. Emphasis is given to identifying the research needed to reduce the constraints on production of livestock, especially in Africa, and targeted broadly to livestock health and production, and related fields.The Foundation's activities also include support for research fellowships, particularly to encourage young scientists to pursue a research career.

The Leadership Team
Dr. Gabrielle J Persley is a founder Director and Chair of the foundation.

Dr. Persley is also an advisor on biotechnology-related matters to several international organisations including the World Bank, the Consultative Group on International Agricultural Research (CGIAR), the Asian Development Bank (ADB), CAB International and the International Council for Science (ICSU).


Simon Best is a founder Director and Treasurer of the foundation

Simon is also a founder and Chairman of Ardana Bioscience, based in Edinburgh, specialising in human reproductive biology

Mr. Andrew Bennett has been a long time friend of Gabrile and Jack Doyle. He is a founder director of The Doyle Foundation. 
Latest News !

World Food Day 2012 BRIEF

Food from thought – Bread from stones, by Dr Gabrielle Persley

This brief is being launched in Brisbane for World Food Day on Monday October 15th 2012, by the Governor of Queensland and the (former) Minster of Agriculture and the Vice Chancellor of the Univeristy of Queensland.

Inside this brief, you will find iformation on;

  1. The Current World food situation
  2. The Growing role of the private sector in emerging economies
  3. Interface of Agriculture and Mining - friends or foes?
  4. Implications of food security challenges for public policy and ODA investments
  5. Conclusion - The end of Aid ?
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